31May 2016

We all have those friends who live by the YOLO lifestyle; you only live once so get as much immediate gratification now and don’t even worry about the consequences. Then we have those disciplined friends who work their ass off. These friends follow the philosophy of “sleep is for the weak” and “I’ll sleep when […]

27Aug 2015

You see it all the time at your local gym. Men taking protein shakes, amino acids, pills, and yes sometimes even something illegal. Why do we subject ourselves to all of this? Why do some sacrifice their health for quick gains? They want what most men want; to put on some serious size. To increase their bench […]

22Jan 2015

Let’s face it fellas, we are all on a quest to boost our testosterone. We all want that youthful rush of hormones swimming through our bloodstream. Why do we crave this? To help us destroy our workout sessions. To have women chase us around like a dog chases squirrels. To have boundless amounts of energy. Whatever […]